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Sustainable Urban Goods Movement: Emerging Research Agendas

Publication: Journal of Urbanism
Volume: 8(20)
Pages: 115-132
Publication Date: 2014

While recent urban planning efforts have focused on smart growth development and management of growth into developed areas, the research community has not examined the impacts of these development patterns on urban goods movement. Successful implementation of growth strategies has multiple environmental and social benefits, but it also raises the demand for intraurban goods movement, potentially increasing conflicts between modes of travel and worsening air quality. Because urban goods movement is critical for economic vitality, and as policies are developed to manage urban goods movement, understanding the relationship between smart growth and goods movement is necessary. This paper reviews the academic literature and summarizes the results of guided interviews to identify the existing gaps in the state of knowledge and suggest important future research topics. Little research exists that directly examines the relationship between smart growth and goods movement; therefore, smart growth is dissected into sub-areas that relate to goods movement, and these areas are individually examined. These five key sub-areas are 1) access, parking, and loading zones; 2) road channelization, bicycle, and pedestrian facilities; 3) land use; 4) logistics; and 5) network system management. The existing state of knowledge is discussed in each of these areas and identify specific areas of concern determined from guided interviews. With these inputs, important areas of future research are identified.

Authors: Dr. Anne GoodchildDr. Ed McCormack, Erica Wygonik, Alon Bassok, Daniel Carlson
Recommended Citation:
Wygonik, Erica, Alon Bassok, Anne V. Goodchild, Edward McCormack and Daniel Fred Carlson. “Sustainable Urban Goods Movement: Emerging Research Agendas.” (2012).