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  • "Warehouse location"
    The location of a storage facility, a storage place for goods, generally used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport businesses, customs, etc. Activities include receipt of product, storage, order picking, and shipment.
Published: 2023
Authors: Travis FriedDr. Anne Goodchild, Ivan Sanchez Diaz (Chalmers University), Michael Browne (Gothenburg University)
Journal/Book: Transport Reviews
What do equity and social justice mean for urban freight planning and management? New Urban Freight Lab paper reviews transportation and mobility justice theory and finds that urban freight issues are absent from these discussions, which primarily concern passenger and personal mobility. When urban freight is considered, authors usually discuss topics such as emissions, pollution, congestion, noise, and collisions.
Published: 2018
Authors: Dr. Anne Goodchild, Melaku Dubie, Kai C. Kuo
Journal/Book: Journal of Transport Geography
This paper evaluates whether or not there is a sprawling tendency to the spatial patterns of warehouse establishments in the Chicago and Phoenix metropolitan areas. The trend of warehouses to move away from the urban centers to more suburban and exurban areas is referred to as “Logistics Sprawl”.
Published: 2014
Authors: Dr. Anne Goodchild, Erica Wygonik
Journal/Book: Sustainable Logistics: Transport and Sustainability (Emerald Group Publishing Limited)
This chapter provides additional insight into the role of warehouse location in achieving sustainability targets and provides a novel comparison between delivery and personal travel for criteria pollutants.