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  • "Environmental justice"
    Environmental justice affirms the right of all to safe and healthy environmental protections, benefits, and involvement in the policies that shape their communities.
Published: 2023
Authors: Travis FriedDr. Anne Goodchild, Ivan Sanchez Diaz (Chalmers University), Michael Browne (Gothenburg University)
Journal/Book: Transport Reviews
What do equity and social justice mean for urban freight planning and management? New Urban Freight Lab paper reviews transportation and mobility justice theory and finds that urban freight issues are absent from these discussions, which primarily concern passenger and personal mobility. When urban freight is considered, authors usually discuss topics such as emissions, pollution, congestion, noise, and collisions.
Published: 2022
Authors: Travis Fried
Journal/Book: Laboratoire Ville Mobilite Transport (City Transportation Mobility Laboratory), Paris
The central research question for this project explores the distributional impacts of ecommerce and its implications for equity and justice. The research aims to investigate how commercial land use affects people and communities. In 2018, U.S. warehouses surpassed office buildings as the primary form of commercial and industrial land use, now accounting for 18 billion square feet of floor space.