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  • "Microhub (Urban Consolidation Center)"
    Also known as an urban consolidation center or a delivery transfer point, a microhub is a central drop-off/pick-up location for goods and services, which can be used by multiple delivery providers, retailers, and consumers. By consolidating shipments and adding density, a UCC enable more efficient last-mile delivery more efficiently than individual carriers and trips.
Start Date: January 2021
Funding: Urban Freight Lab & Frontier Metropolitan Planning Organization (City of Fort Smith - Arkansas)
Project Budget: $102,000
Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Anne Goodchild
This project seeks to examine how microfreight hubs can increase equity to services, benefit historically marginalized communities, and be joined to share micromobility options, social service agencies and minority businesses in North Fort Smith, Arkansas. The Urban Freight Lab will assist Frontier MPO and the City of Fort Smith in this work create a cohesive strategy to develop a sound planning process, to grow collaborative relationships, to produce a sustainable business model, and to implement a microfreight hub pilot project that leverages community resources.
Start Date: January 2020
Funding: Urban Freight Lab
Project Budget: $200,000
Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Anne Goodchild
The Urban Freight Lab's Common Microhub project provides an opportunity for members to test and evaluate urban logistics strategies on the ground in Seattle's Uptown neighborhood. As third-party logistics companies enter the last-mile space and more cities commit to environmental focus and zero emission vision, the interest around creating logistics places in urban proximity is growing. The outcomes of this research can guide the development of future microhub implementations in other cities.