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  • "Zero-Emissions Freight"
    Freight transportation using zero-emission freight vehicles (ZEFVs) that match the existing transportation system's capabilities while concurrently generating societal benefits by mitigating adverse consequences of diesel and gasoline consumption.
Published: 2023
Journal/Book: Goods Movement 2030: An Urban Freight Blog
It becomes easier to understand the barriers to scaling up cargo bikes for last-mile delivery when you hear Mark Chiusano, Owner/CEO of Cornucopia Logistics and affiliates, talk about the complexity of operations in New York City. Cornucopia works with Amazon (both companies are Urban Freight Lab members) to run a fleet of more than 100 cargo bikes making thousands of weekly deliveries for Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods locations in Manhattan.
Related Research Project:
Urban Freight in 2030
Published: 2022
In an effort to reduce emissions from last-mile deliveries and incentivize green vehicle adoption, The New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) is seeking to implement a Green Loading Zone (GLZ) pilot program. A Green Loading Zone is curb space designated for the sole use of “green” vehicles, which could include electric and alternative fuel vehicles as well as other zero-emission delivery modes like electric-assist cargo bikes.