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  • "Sustainability"
    Sustainability is the responsible use of resources to meet current needs without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, encompassing economic, social, and environmental considerations.
Published: 2023
Journal/Book: Journal of Transport Geography
The rise of ecommerce helped fuel consumer appetite for quick home deliveries. One consequence has been the placing of some logistics facilities in proximity to denser consumer markets. The trend departs from prevailing discussion on “logistics sprawl,” or the proliferation of warehousing into the urban periphery. This study spatially and statistically explores the facility- and region-level dimensions that characterize the centrality of ecommerce logistics platforms.
Article, Special Issue
Published: 2022
Authors: Dr. Anne Goodchild, Michael Browne (University of Gothenburg)
Journal/Book: Research in Transportation Business & Management (RTBM)
To address the accessibility and sustainability challenges of urban logistics it is important to consider urban logistics from a number of perspectives. This includes considering: spatial context i.e. not focusing solely on the urban center or core but also in terms of actions taken in broader logistics and supply chain management. stakeholders i.e. including all key decision makers and constituents.
Published: 2022
Journal/Book: 9th International Urban Freight Conference, Long Beach, May 2022
Micro-consolidation implementations and pairing with soft transportation modes offer practical, economic, environmental, and cultural benefits. Early implementations of micro consolidation practices were tested but cities need to understand their implications in terms of efficiency and sustainability. This study includes a research scan and proposes a typology of micro-consolidation practices.
Technical Report
Published: 2021
Journal/Book: U.S. Department of Energy
The objectives of this project are to develop and implement a technology solution to support research, development, and demonstration of data processing techniques, models, simulations, a smart phone application, and a visual-confirmation system to: Reduce delivery vehicle parking seeking behavior by approximately 20% in the pilot test area, by returning current and predicted load/unload space occupancy information to users on a web-based and/or mobile platform, to inform real-time parking decis…
Published: 2016
Authors: Dr. Anne GoodchildBill Keough, Erica Wygonik
Journal/Book: Supply Chain Management Review
In an age of expanding online commerce, is home delivery greener than sending full truckloads of goods to stores and then customers driving to them? A detailed regional study finds compelling answers. Readers who were teenagers in the 1980s may remember driving to a Sam Goody store to buy music. You probably also remember your disappointment when sometimes the tape or CD wasn’t in stock when you arrived. Perhaps you returned to your car and headed for Tower Records to...