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  • "OpenPark (Parking occupancy application)"
    Urban Freight Lab's first-of-a-kind web app that alerts delivery drivers in real time to available parking spaces near their destinations — both currently open and predicted — developed to improve urban delivery efficiency and sustainability.
Published: 2022
Journal/Book: Scientific Reports
Delivery vehicle drivers are experiencing increasing challenges in finding available curb space to park in urban areas, which increases instances of cruising for parking and parking in unauthorized spaces. Policies traditionally used to reduce cruising for parking for passenger vehicles, such as parking fees and congestion pricing, are not effective at changing delivery drivers’ travel and parking behaviors.
Published: 2022
Journal/Book: American Planning Association | 2022 State of Transportation Planning
At the time we are writing this article, hundreds of thousands of delivery vehicles are getting ready to hit the road and travel across U.S. cities to meet the highest peak of demand for ecommerce deliveries during Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the Christmas holiday season. This mammoth fleet will not only add vehicle miles traveled through urban centers but also increase parking congestion, battling with other vehicles for available curb space.