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  • "Cranes"
    Machines for hoisting weights or cargo, moving them horizontally for limited distances and lowering or raising them to new locations.
Published: 2014
Authors: Dr. Anne Goodchild, Dandan Wang, Xiaoping Li, and Zun Wang
Journal/Book: Journal of Applied Mathematics
This paper introduces a novel quay crane design, a double girder bridge crane (DGBC). DGBC is capable of handling containers of two adjacent bays simultaneously, avoiding crane collisions, saving traveling and repositioning costs, and eventually improving terminal efficiency. This problem is formulated as a resource-constrained project scheduling to minimize the maximum completion time.
Published: 2007
Authors: Dr. Anne Goodchild, C.F. Daganzo
Journal/Book: Transportation Research Part B: Methodological
The Clean Trucks Program is a Clean Air Action Plan initiative currently being adopted by the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. This paper examines the Clean Trucks Program’s current requirements and estimates the impact on terminal operations. Using terminal operations data supplied by three terminal operating companies, we conduct a simple queuing analysis and present a regression model that allows us to consider the potential impact of the policy changes.