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  • "Bottleneck"
    A bottleneck is a section of a highway or rail network that experiences operational problems such as congestion. Bottlenecks may result from factors such as reduced roadway width or steep freeway grades that can slow trucks.
Published: 2018
Authors: Haena KimDr. Anne Goodchild, Linda Ng Boyle
Journal/Book: Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting
Delivery options have become very diverse with online shoppers demanding faster delivery options (e.g, 2-day delivery, same day delivery options) and more personalized services. For this reason, transportation planners, retailers, and delivery companies are seeking ways to better understand how best to deliver goods and services in urban areas while minimizing disruption to traffic, parking, and building operations.
Published: 2018
Authors: Dr. Ed McCormackDr. Anne Goodchild, William Eisele, Mark Hallenbeck
Journal/Book: Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board
This paper presents a framework to classify and mitigate roadway bottlenecks and that is designed to improve freight mobility. This is in recognition that roadway operations for trucks are under studied, truck-only bottlenecks are often not identified and freight-specific problem areas are therefore often overlooked. The framework uses four-steps: Step 1: identifies and locates the roadway sections where vehicle travel time is in excess of what would normally occur.