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New Research Project: Biking the Goods White Paper

New Research Project: Biking the Goods White Paper
New Research Project: Biking the Goods White Paper
September 19, 2022   //   

AUGUST 15, 2022  The Urban Freight Lab has undertaken a new project writing a white paper on how cities can best prepare for and promote the large-scale adoption of cargo bikes, in collaboration with PeopleForBikes, Cascade Bicycle Club, Bosch e-Bikes, Cornucopia Logistics, Fleet Cycles, Gazelle, Michelin, Seattle Department of Transportation, and Urban Arrows.

While cargo bikes have proven their efficiency as a sustainable home delivery transportation method during the pandemic, many U.S. cities are struggling to determine how to safely integrate this new mode of transportation into the preexisting urban environment.

Together with partners, the Urban Freight Lab researchers will define and understand the cargo bikes operating in North America — their features, how they are operated, and the infrastructure required. They will analyze ebike adoptions from private carriers, nonprofit organizations, and residents seeking alternative modes of goods transport — in both small and large cities. They will identify opportunities for and challenges to large-scale adoption of cargo cycles in North American cities, analyze case studies of U.S. cities’ approaches to regulating and promoting cargo cycles, and then make recommendations for how cities can safely recognize, enable, and encourage large-scale adoption of cargo bikes, including infrastructure, policy, and regulatory approaches.


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