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Haena Kim

Haena Kim
Haena Kim, Ph.D. (2020)
Focus/Area of Study:
Civil & Environmental Engineering, Transportation
More About Haena

Haena Kim graduated in 2020 with a Ph.D. in Science in Civil Engineering, Transportation Track. As a student, she served as a research assistant in both the Urban Freight Lab and the Human Factors and Statistical Modeling Lab, and coordinated the SCTL Student Research Group. She now works as a data scientist at Nike WHQ (Global Operations & Logistics – Supply Chain Advanced Analytics team) building, simulating, and optimizing predictive and forecasting models for the digital supply chain.

Haena won first place in the Seafood Industry Transportation Challenge in Norway, led the data collection for the Urban Freight Lab’s Final 50 Feet Urban Goods Delivery System: Common Carrier Locker Pilot Test at the Seattle Municipal Tower, developed a Mobile Application for Collecting Task Time Data for Value Stream Mapping of the Final 50 Feet of Urban Goods Delivery Processes, and worked on the following publications:

Her doctoral dissertation was on Modeling of Urban Freight Deliveries: Operational Performance at the Final 50 Feet.