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Using the Truck Appointment System to Improve Yard Efficiency in Container Terminals

Publication: Maritime Economics & Logistics
Volume: 15
Pages: 101-119
Publication Date: 2013

This article considers the effectiveness of a truck appointment system in improving yard efficiency in a container terminal. This research uses the truck appointment information obtained from an appointment system to improve import container retrieval operation and reduce container rehandles by adopting an advanced container location assignment algorithm. By reducing container rehandles, the terminal could improve yard crane productivity and reduce truck transaction time. A hybrid approach of simulation and queuing theory was developed to model the container retrieval operation and estimate the crane productivity and truck turn-time. Various configurations of the truck appointment system are modeled to investigate how those factors affect the effectiveness of the truck information. The research results illustrate a clear benefit for terminals utilizing a truck appointment system to manage their yard operation. Reducing the duration of the appointment time window or increasing the appointment lead time could further enhance system performance. Furthermore, the truck information is still effective in improving system efficiency, even if a good portion of trucks miss their appointments.



Authors: Dr. Anne Goodchild, Wenjuan Zhao
Recommended Citation:
Zhao, W., & Goodchild, A. V. (2013). Using the Truck Appointment System to Improve Yard Efficiency in Container Terminals. Maritime Economics & Logistics, 15(1), 101-119.