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Truck Travel Time Reliability and Prediction in a Port Drayage Network

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Publication: Maritime Economics & Logistics
Volume: 13 (4)
Pages: 387-418
Publication Date: 2011

This article will explore the reliability of the port drayage network. Port drayage is an important component of the marine intermodal system and affects the efficiency of the intermodal supply chain. Sharing and utilizing drayage truck arrival information could improve both port drayage and port operational efficiency. In this article two reliability measures are used to evaluate how the travel time reliability changes with trip origins and across drayage networks. The truck routing choices between Origin-Destination (OD) pairs are examined. A simple method is proposed to predict the 95 percent confidence interval of travel time between any OD pair and is validated with global positioning system (GPS) data. The results presented in this article demonstrate that the proposed travel time prediction method is sufficient for predicting truck arrival time windows at the terminal and can be translated into truck arrival group information.

Authors: Dr. Anne Goodchild, Wenjuan Zhao
Recommended Citation:
Zhao, Wenjuan, and Anne V. Goodchild. "Truck travel time reliability and prediction in a port drayage network." Maritime Economics & Logistics 13, no. 4 (2011): 387-418.