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An Agent-Based Simulation Assessment Of Freight Parking Demand Management Strategies For Large Urban Freight Generators

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Publication: Research in Transportation Business & Management
Volume: 42
Publication Date: 2022

A growing body of research looks specifically at freight vehicle parking choices for purposes of deliveries to street retail, and choice impacts on travel time/uncertainty, congestion, and emissions. However, little attention was given to large urban freight traffic generators, e.g., shopping malls and commercial buildings with offices and retail. These pose different challenges to manage freight vehicle parking demand, due to the limited parking options. To study these, we propose an agent-based simulation approach which integrates data-driven parking-choice models and a demand/supply simulation model. A case study compares demand management strategies (DMS), influencing parking choices, and their impact in reducing freight vehicle parking externalities, such as traffic congestion. DMS include changes to parking capacity, availability, and pricing as well as services (centralized receiving) and technology-based solutions (directed parking). The case study for a commercial region in Singapore shows DMS can improve travel time, parking costs, emission levels and reducing the queuing. This study contributes with a generalizable method, and to local understanding of technology and policy potential. The latter can be of value for managers of large traffic generators and public authorities as a way to understand to select suitable DMS.

Authors: Dr. Giacomo Dalla Chiara, Andre Alho, Simon Oh, Ravi Seshadri, Wen Han Chong, Takanori Sakai, Lynette Cheah, Moshe Ben-Akiva
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Alho, A., Oh, S., Seshadri, R., Dalla Chiara, G., Chong, W. H., Sakai, T., Cheah, L., & Ben-Akiva, M. (2022). An agent-based simulation assessment of freight parking demand management strategies for large urban freight generators. Research in Transportation Business & Management, 42, 100804.