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SCTL Scholarship Awarded to Aron Cho

SCTL Scholarship Awarded to Aron Cho
SCTL Scholarship Awarded to Aron Cho
June 7, 2022   //   

June 7, 2022 — The Master of Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics program (MSCTL) has named incoming student Aron Cho as recipient of the $10,000 2022 SCTL Scholarship, selected from this year’s pool of applicants for admission.

Aron was born and raised in South Korea and left home at age 17 to study English, first in the Philippines and then in Montana. He earned an AA degree from Cascadia Community College and a Bachelor’s degree in Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management from Lake Washington Institute of Technology. While working full time, Cho attended evening classes, maintained a cumulative 3.92 GPA, and was named to the President’s and Dean’s Lists. He now works as a materials analyst for Sigma Design, a product development, engineering, and manufacturing firm, and is active in the Transportation Club of Seattle.

We connected with Aron to discuss his background, the award, and enrolling in the MSCTL program.

SCTL: How did you get started in the supply chain transportation and logistics industry?

Cho: I started my early career as a logistics clerk at a small distribution company near SeaTac Airport, and then managed warehouses and franchise locations in Los Angeles. I returned to Seattle and joined a brokerage firm as a procurement agent and was awarded many maritime contracts in the oil industry. I then worked at medical manufacturer Philips, where I practiced lean manufacturing and importing and exporting goods for subsidiary offices around the world. I coordinated many projects and audits with cross-functional teams to achieve the targets of various new product launches and cooperated to setup hundreds of emergency sites in North America using the equipment and assets that I managed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the past two years, I have worked full time in addition to studying transportation, logistics, and supply chain management in the evening at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. I achieved a 3.92 cumulative GPA and was named to the President’s List and Dean’s List, as well as being active in the Transportation Club of Seattle.

SCTL: What are you looking forward to over the next two years in the program?

Cho: This summer I start a new job as an analyst with an engineering company in Redmond that works closely with a global tech company. I will be developing my analysis and project management skills. The next two years in the Master of Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics program will keep me busy with many resources and a diverse cohort of amazing students. I look forward to finding area I can specialize in within the supply chain industry and develop with my own business model.

SCTL: What first drew you to the University of Washington Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics Master’s degree program in particular?

Cho: I have always wanted to study at the University of Washington. As a business student at Lake Washington Tech, I discovered transportation, logistics, and supply chain management as a career path and how it relates to my professional and personal experiences. I was introduced to the MSCTL program during a couple courses in my class, and I decided to apply.

SCTL: What do you enjoy about working in the global logistics industry?

Cho: I attended CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas in 2015 for my first business trip. CES gathered together tech manufacturers to introduce their latest technology. As I was working as a logistics manger, I saw what was behind making that happen. That’s when I saw vision in the industry. I can contribute to businesses by controlling the physical movement of goods.

SCTL: Who influenced your career path?

Cho: I am mostly influenced by my faith and journey with God. I have many family members, friends, and colleagues who have shown me the different paths they are taking and have helped me find what I like to do and what I am good at. I especially appreciate professors from my previous colleges who encouraged me to keep up with my education and career in supply chain. Nevertheless, I don’t doubt that you must make decisions on your own because you know yourself more than anyone else.

SCTL: What do you enjoy about working in the global logistics industry?

Cho: I would like to grow my leadership skills and realize my full potential in the supply chain industry. I will seek opportunities that will lead to a successful and meaningful career. There may be various ways to contribute, but I haven’t decided which sector of the industry I want to pursue. I’m sure I’ll discover it during my Master’s program. I enjoy learning more about international relations and mitigating the global catastrophic risks for businesses.

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