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New Report: Zero-Emissions Freight Market Research Study in New York City

New Report: Zero-Emissions Freight Market Research Study in New York City
April 25, 2022   //   

April 25, 2022 — The Urban Freight Lab announces the publication of a new study exploring the pathways to future implementation of “Green Loading Zones” (GLZs) in New York City. Green Loading Zones are curb spaces designated for zero- and low-emissions vehicles including electric trucks, electric vans and cargo bikes. In partnership with New York City Department of Transportation, researchers surveyed stakeholders (carriers, retailers, distributors, operators, and logistics providers) to identify potential GLZ users, understand the industry’s interests and concerns around the use of GLZs, and make informed decisions about the future implementation of a GLZ pilot.

The report makes the following recommendations:

  • GLZs should be made available for use by multiple types of green vehicles. Adequate curb space may be needed to accommodate multiple step-side vans, as well as small vehicles and cargo bikes, but this should be balanced against utilization rates and anticipated dwell times to maximize curb use.
  • A GLZ pilot would be most attractive to potential users in Lower and Midtown Manhattan, though other areas with industrial, commercial or office related uses citywide may benefit.
  • The preferred layout for GLZ is several parking spaces distributed across multiple blocks.
  • The city can charge for GLZ use, but researchers recommend that rates not exceed current parking prices in a given neighborhood. Survey respondents suggest, though, that some companies are willing to pay a modest increase over that rate to avoid parking citations as long as they operate in conformance with stipulated regulations for these designated locations.

The GLZ strategy builds on the success of existing NYCDOT programs as outlined in the forthcoming Delivering New York: Smart Truck Management Plan, such as Clean Trucks, Commercial Cargo Bikes Pilot, and Off-Hours Deliveries.

The project was conducted under the UFL’s Technical Assistance Program, where UFL contributes 1:1 match funds in terms of staff and/or research assistance.

REPORT: NYC Zero-Emissions Urban Freight and Green Loading Zones Market Research

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